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Memory Disorders and Using MEMORehab for Cognitive Intervention

Date and Time

Thursday 23rd May 2024: 10am-12pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) 
Via video conference


Dr Ilana Hepner
Featuring: Dr Laurie Miller and  Kyle Cortesi

Course Summary
This is a two-hour course to help you understand how various neurological disorders can result in memory problems and how rehabilitation can help. Amongst other approaches, you will be shown a web-based program that you might use to provide a cognitive intervention for such clients. 
Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the CPD training, attendees will be able to:
  1. Identify different brain regions important for memory
  2. Describe different types of memory and how these are affected by various conditions
  3. Discuss the latest techniques in memory rehabilitation
  4. Describe how to improve and manage group interactions via telehealth
  5. Identify how a new online program can help support the provision of cognitive interventions.

Memory Disorders and Using MEMORehab for Cognitive Intervention

Instructor led course, 2-hours online


  • Non-APS member: $165

  • APS Student member: $55

  • APS member: $110

*All prices are in $AU and inclusive of GST

*All webinars are recorded
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