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Are you someone who wants to improve their memory?  Are you able to use a computer, ipad or tablet?  MEMORehab might be right for you!

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The Importance of Memory

Memory plays a crucial role in shaping our identity and our ability to learn new things. When our memory falters, it can make it hard to work or possibly even to live independently. Unfortunately, various neurological disorders can impact our memory and make it harder to carry out our daily activities.

The good news is that even after years of memory problems, there are methods that can help to improve it. As memory improves, so does self-confidence, making it easier to handle work and everyday experiences.

How We Can Help

MEMORehab is an online program designed to help you better understand memory, how it can be affected by various conditions, and what changes you can make in your daily life to improve it. It also helps you learn and practice strategies to improve your memory.

This program is led by an experienced clinician, with whom you will meet for six, one-hour sessions. These sessions can take place through our web-based app (on your computer) or in person. Meetings with the clinician are run either 1-on-1 or in small groups. You will also have access to a number of learning tools such as videos and computerised exercises.


What you will do...

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1. Learn

Watch educational videos then complete quizzes to test your knowledge on:

  • Memory function

  • How memory can be affected by certain conditions

  • Lifestyle factors that can support memory function

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2. Discuss

Attend 6-guided sessions with your clinician via video conferencing, either individually, or in a group of people experiencing similar issues to discuss:

  • Strategies you can apply to your daily life to compensate for memory loss

  • Your stories and experiences with likeminded people who face similar challenges

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3. Practice

Apply strategies using computerised training methods and receive guidance to help you apply them via:

  • Computerised exercises to help you remember faces, locations, and instructions

  • Homework tasks to help you implement new strategies at home or at work each week

Support Group


How Can I Participate in the Program?

We help patients connect with clinicians running MEMORehab. Because the program is run using video conferencing, you can join an active program anywhere in Australia. 


If you would like to view a list of clinicians offering the program and find a group that is right for you, check out our clinician register below:


What our users say about us

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"My client really loved the interactive activities!"


Occupational Therapist


Clinical Neuropsychologist

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“Participants like being able to watch the videos again and again.”

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Check out the research

MEMORehab is based on a well-established face to face memory training program with over 10 years of academic research supporting its efficacy.

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