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Find clinicians who are offering MEMORehab. Clinicians may run the service 1-on-1 or in small groups of up to 6 patients. Sessions are run online via telehealth. Email clinicians to inquire about participating. 


Clinicians offering MEMORehab

Apt Psychosocial and Mind Plasticity

Two affiliated clinics offering neuropsychology services

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The neuropsychologists with training and experience in MEMORehab are Sarah Jacek, Lorraine Tan and Deyyan Jafar (in Ultimo, NSW), and Beau Dunlop-Bayley (Telehealth or in person in Canberra, ACT). We specialise in working with people with mental health conditions (such as psychosis or schizophrenia, depression, bipolar, trauma, anxiety and OCD) and neurodevelopmental differences (such as ADHD and autism). We also have experience working with people who have had a brain injury or neurological illness (such as stroke, autoimmune encephalitis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis). Sessions can be conducted face to face or over Telehealth in either an individual or group format.  We are NDIS providers and therefore can cover all plan types (self-managed, plan-managed and agency-managed). For private paying clients, sessions may be also eligible for a Medicare rebate under a Mental Health Care Plan or Chronic Disease Management Plan. 

Sarah Bennett

Principal Occupational Therapist at Astralis Stroke Occupational Therapy

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Sarah has over 15 years of experience working with patients who have neurological conditions including but not limited to acquired brain injury, stroke, mild cognitive impairment related to chronic disease, dementia, neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD, and progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinsons and Motor Neuron Disease. Astralis Stroke OT is a private mobile practice in Perth, Western Australia providing services in person or via telehealth for both group and individual sessions by appointment. We are registered to provide services under the Insurance Commission of WA and Medicare funding and can support patients who are NDIS self- or plan-managed. At Astralis, we are passionate about cognitive therapy and supporting people to live well and engage with their daily lives.

Ashley Young

Clinical Neuropsychologist and General Psychologist who practices in Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

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Ashley is most passionate about helping individuals across the lifespan - from late adolescence, adults and older adults - to develop an understanding of their own internal resourcefulness, in the presence of brain injury and/or mental health problems. Her expertise lies in the neuropsychological assessment and therapeutic treatment of adults and older adults across a broad range of neurological, medical and psychiatric conditions (i.e., stroke, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, neurodegenerative disease, substance abuse, depression, PTSD and schizophrenia). She is approved for NDIS self-managed or plan-managed clients as well as DVA clients.  She is available to run sessions for individuals, dyads or groups on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, late mornings or early afternoons.


What our users say about us

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"My client really loved the interactive activities!"


Occupational Therapist


Clinical Neuropsychologist

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“Participants like being able to watch the videos again and again.”

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Check out the research

MEMORehab is based on a well-established face to face memory training program with over 10 years of academic research supporting its efficacy.

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