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The latest in evidence-based memory skills training

With a mission to enhance the intervention process, MEMORehab includes tools and resources for allied health professionals to provide an online training experience that is supportive, structured, and engaging.


We support you to...


Enhance your toolkit

Looking for an abundance of materials to support your patients? Our platform offers an extensive collection of resources, from educational videos and interactive quizzes to informative handouts and digital exercises to ensure your patients have the tools they need for continued progress.


Maximise your time

If your caseloads are demanding, MEMORehab is your ally in efficiency. Our platform streamlines the delivery of an intervention program, integrating teleconferencing and automated reminders to offer more flexible and accessible services that adapt to your scheduling needs. 

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Deliver with ease

Concerned about the complexities of running an intervention? With MEMORehab, ease into a well-organized system that empowers clinicians to conduct programs confidently using our annotated delivery slides and streamlined setup process that allows you to oversee groups. 


What's included

Our platform delivers a comprehensive suite of tools, developed to simplify clinicians' workflow and ensure patients get the most out of their intervention experience. Designed to be user-friendly, MEMORehab ensures the ease of adoption with minimal setup, saving valuable time for clinicians.

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Educational Content

Educational videos, quizzes, and homework tasks for patients to reinforce their knowledge and apply strategies at home.

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Video Conferencing

Six guided sessions (approx. 60 min each) between clinicians and patients, including the ability to cofacilitate groups.

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Computerised Exercises

Novel computer-based exercises to help patients practice memory strategies learned during the program.

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Feedback and Reminders

Feedback and reminders for patients to boost participation and detailed engagement metrics for clinicians.

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Purpose built for Allied Health Professionals

MEMORehab is designed for clinicians who work with people experiencing everyday memory problems. Hospitals and clinics all over Australia are using MEMORehab with their patients, and they love it. We know yours will too!

Our engagement data shows high levels of adherence from participants who review and practice the educational material/exercises included in the program.


Check out how it works!


Interested? Let's chat

If you are a neuropsychologist, occupational therapist, speech pathologist, or clinical psychologist working with people who could benefit from learning everyday memory skills, let’s organise a call.



We can also help you...

Brain Scans

Support Growing Research

Check out our dedicated memory research program, MEMOResearch, aimed at exploring memory and the impact of computer-based, strategy training exercises.

Speaking at Seminar

Enhance Your

Discover our comprehensive CPD training courses tailored to equip you with the knowledge for effectively conducting interventions online.

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Stay Informed and Updated

Dive into the latest developments, insightful blogs, and upcoming conference dates related to MEMORehab.


What our users say about us

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"My client really loved the interactive activities!"


Occupational Therapist


Clinical Neuropsychologist

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“Participants like being able to watch the videos again and again.”

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Check out the research

MEMORehab is based on a well-established face to face memory training program with over 10 years of academic research supporting its efficacy.


Our partners 

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