We are developing an interactive online platform for clinicians to deliver a group-based memory rehabilitation program.

Need for Memory Rehabilitation

Memory is critical to our sense of self, our ability to learn new things and to remember previously acquired skills. It’s also the basis on which we socialise, make decisions and plan for the future. When memory fails, we miss appointments, forget our promises and struggle to work and live independently. Unfortunately, many neurological disorders affect memory and lead to a noticeable loss of everyday function. Even years after an acquired brain injury, structured rehabilitation that involves education, the acquisition of new strategies and practice can improve one’s memory. These improvements help to improve self-confidence and the ability to carry out work and everyday household activities.

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We are creating a unique online tool, MEMO (Making Everyday Memory Optimal), from a well-established, face-to-face memory-training program.

Video conferencing session for clinicians and participants on Memo memory rehabilitation platform


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This online memory rehabilitation platform will support participants and clinicians in the following ways:

Remote access for the platform

Remote Access

Participants need not worry about travelling to a clinician or centre for the training. Access anytime, anywhere

Training Modules for learning

Training Modules

Newly designed self-paced memory exercises, videos and associated quizzes to reinforce learning will be provided.

Feedback on performance by clinicians

Performance Feedback

Consistent feedback from exercises and clinicians will help participants understand areas for improvement and enhance memory skills.

Peer support for the participants

Peer Support

Group rehabilitation allows participants to relate to others facing similar challenges and to learn from each other. 

Suite of tools for clinicians


A research-based educational program with strategy exercises that provide feedback and the ability to monitor and respond to each participant’s progress.

Mutiple participant group management

Easy Management 

Manage multiple users for individualised and group-based sessions easily using your laptop or phone.

Online rehabilitation centres

Cloud Rehab Centres

With this online platform, there is no need to find a meeting room. Work from the comfort of your home or office.

Cost and time saving solution

Cost Effective 

A cost- and time-saving solution for clinicians to run memory rehabilitation programs in a simple and supported way.


What We Offer

Video conferencing for live sessions

Video Conferencing 

Live group sessions allowing participant to receive rehabilitation from healthcare experts.

Educational Material for participant training

Education material 

Content related to how the brain works, lifestyle habits and issues that affect memory as well as memory-improvement strategies.

Digital exercises for memory enhancement

Memory Exercises 

Self-paced practice of strategies in a variety of real-world scenarios with feedback on progress provided.

Statistics to monitor participants

User Statistics 

Ability for clinician to monitor individual and group’s progress to tailor sessions according to the requirements of the participant.

Reminders to keep users on track


Prompts to attend sessions as well as notifications aimed at helping the participant develop good learning/memory habits.

Interested in MEMO?

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The original group-based memory training program

David Foxe | Clinician

"This course is an excellent tool for clinicians wanting to include neuropsychological intervention in their participant care plan. It covers a variety of topics, including compensatory memory strategies, exercise, and sleep, and is founded on evidence-based principles. I thoroughly enjoyed administering this course to participants recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. The practical applications provided at the end of the lessons were genuinely useful for participants. I feel that providing this course online is an exciting step forward and represents a new frontier in neuropsychological intervention.

David Foxe

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney.

DB photo.jpeg

"I’ve found the Making the Most of Your Memory Program to be a very useful tool in rehabilitation. It is structured, easy to follow and requires minimal material to execute. The detailed session by session plan with a combination of psycho education, in-session activities and homework makes for a very user-friendly approach to neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Dr Deepa Bapat

Clinical Neuropsychologist,Bajaj Allianz Centre for Comprehensive Epilepsy Care, Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre, Pune, India

Dr Cara Wong | Clinician

"(The original Making the Most of your Memory Training Program, on which MEMO is based) …has got quite a few things about lifestyle and mindfulness; I think that's really important. It’s got a lot about general brain health and memory, that is my kind of thing.  It’s got different kinds of strategies as well. And then at the end, clients can take what they want from it. It gives them a bit of a toolkit to see what they like or what works for them.

Dr Cara Wong

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Byron Bay

Dr Illana Hepner | Clinician

"The Making the Most of Your  Memory training program is very engaging and easy to use.

Dr Ilana Hepner

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Private Practice, Sydney

Anonymous | Patient

"While I feel that my memory is getting stronger anyway, this course has helped to inspire and strengthen my resolve to make it 100% operational along with some interesting information on how the brain functions and how to improve this.



Anonymous | Patient

 "I feel that I am now more alert and aware of my memory and am thinking ahead to make sure everything has been planned/done, completed and I feel more responsible.



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