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MEMOResearch is an exciting new tool designed specifically for research into memory function and the impact of intervention. This web-based app provides subjective and objective assessment as well as computer-based memory skills training. Perfect for running research in a clinical setting.

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It's efficient and engaging!

It's like having an automated Research Assistant, with no need to bring participants in for testing or intervention provision.  Any number of participants can be engaged at the same time and they can be accumulated prospectively as they become available.

The researcher sets the parameters, chooses the measures and intervention, and obtains consent from participants.

The app then interacts with the participant to perform the testing, administer cognitive training as well as provide notifications and reminders.

The researchers can then download and collect the outcome data straight from the app!


You have control

MEMOResearch is designed to give you control over the research process.


The Measures

You decide: participants can complete mood, memory self-evaluation and satisfaction surveys online.  They can also be given up to three novel tests of objective memory with matched, alternative versions. 


The Study Design

In addition to the nature of the intervention and measures, you control parameters such as number and type of participants as well as frequency and type of notifications. 


The Intervention

Several memory strategy training exercises are available to choose from.  Each has a tutorial and multiple levels of difficulty through which the participant progresses. You determine the length of the intervention period and can choose to set up a control group.


The Participants

The program allows you to follow the number and progress of the participants.  It also notifies you if a participant stops engaging.  


Built-in, computerised training exercises that can teach participants how to pay attention and remember a route, how to encode name associations and how to take notes. 

The objective memory tests included measure skills that would benefit from the application of these strategies.


Routes and places


Faces and names


Active listening


Check out our webinar

Click here to view a 40 min webinar on MEMOResearch.

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About Laurie Miller
Designed by co-founder, Dr Laurie Miller, a neuropsychologist with more than 30 years research experience in memory and its rehabilitation, this unique tool will test the usefulness of computer-based strategy training as well as shed new light on how different conditions and demographic variables affect memory. Laurie would be happy to discuss how you might use this program in your setting.
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