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Clinical Evidence


The evidence behind memory skills training

One in 25 people will experience a memory impairment as a result of a neurological disorder such as stroke, epilepsy, head injury, autoimmune disease, brain tumour or infection. Memory rehabilitation has the ability to improve functioning in many of these non-dementia conditions.

Original group-based program

MEMORehab is based on the the face-to-face program, ‘Making the Most of Your Memory’ (Radford et al. 2010), which has been shown to improve everyday memory in patients with neurological disorders, even years after onset. As a result of the program, patients report using more strategies to support their memory, met their memory related goals, and improved their learning ability.


Publications from the research conducted using this program are listed below. 

Book cover for 'Making the Most of Your Memory'


Feasibility, Engagement and Outcome

MEMORehab has completed several rounds of user testing, a pilot study and an evaluation of engagement with our online memory rehabilitation program.  In addition, a Phase I trial by colleagues in universities and hospitals in NSW and Victoria has looked at its feasibility, satisfaction and outcome.   These studies formed the basis for several peer-reviewed presentations at the 2024 Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment Conference.  


We are currently engaged in research projects to explore the effectiveness of our novel computer-based exercises in neurological and mental health patients. Our MEMOResearch program has enabled several clinicians to win research grants and embark on studies in their own hospital setting.


In future, harnessing the data from the digital tools provided by MEMORehab and MEMOResearch will allow for the further tailoring of evidence-based intervention.


Academic research supporting this intervention

Kylie Radford, Suncica Lah, Zoë Thayer, Laurie A Miller (2011)

Toni D Withiel, Vanessa L Sharp, Dana Wong, Jennie L Ponsford, Narelle Warren, Renerus J Stolwyk (2018)

Toni D Withiel, Dana Wong, Jennie L Ponsford, Dominique A Cadilhac, Peter New, Tijana Mihaljcic, Renerus J Stolwyk (2019)

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Toni D Withiel, Renerus J Stolwyk, Jennie L Ponsford, Dominique A Cadilhac, Dana Wong (2020)

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Hepner, I., Guerrieri-Cortesi, K., Midha, P.  and Miller, L. (2024)

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