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The MEMORehab journey

MEMORehab is an interactive telehealth platform based on the 'Making the Most of Your Memory Program'. In that original program, the clinicians would run face to face sessions with participant groups to equip them with memory strategies. As a result of the program, participants were able to meet their memory related goals, expand their memory capacity and experience more independent and confident lives.

Due to the recent pandemic, clinicians and patients are restricted from holding face-to-face meetings and some clinicians are now successfully running rehabilitation programs online using video-conferencing software.  To date, however, these interventions have not taken advantage of the full gamut of digital tools available to supplement rehabilitation. In the digital age, we can do better!

Our company has developed an online memory training platform, called MEMORehab, to benefit both participants and clinicians. This program provides a dedicated video-conferencing platform for supported, weekly interactions, pre-session educational videos as well as homework tasks for generalisation and engaging, strategy centred exercises with feedback for out-of-session practice. Through collaboration with patients and clinicians, our aim is to redesign cognitive intervention and use technology to bring memory rehabilitation into the digital age.


Meet our MEMORehab team

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Laurie Miller

Co-Founder, Neuropsychologist, Content Development Officer

Laurie is a Clinical Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney.  She worked as a Clinical Neuropsychologist in Canada and at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.  She was one of the creators of the 'Making the Most of Your Memory' program. 

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Kyle Cortesi

Co-Founder, Director/Strategist, Chief Executive Officer 

Kyle has a background in psychology and product design. He has also taught several subjects at a university level, including statistics, cognition, and neuroanatomy. Additionally, he has spent several years as a fitness coach, training individuals in setting exercise and diet related goals.

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Pranshu Midha

Co-Founder, Software Engineer, Chief Technology Officer

Pranshu is a Computer Science graduate and he is currently pursuing Interaction Design Masters from UTS. He has worked with various startups as a web developer and a product designer. Pranshu has a keen interest in UX Design and playing a key role in MEMORehab's R&D

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