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Some Recent Updates From MEMORehab Addressing User Feedback

Here at MEMORehab we have completed several updates to the platform in response to feedback from clinicians and patients.

  1. Flexibility in meeting schedule: Previously, face-to-face groups were generally run at the same time each week, especially in hospital settings where a room booking was required in advance. However, with the ability to run the program online, MEMORehab has introduced some much-needed flexibility, something that clinicians have been keen to take advantage of. We now have a session scheduling tool, which allows clinicians to modify the dates and times of any upcoming sessions. We understand clinicians have a busy schedule, so our aim is to make organising meetings with patients as flexible and easy as possible.

  2. Revision of content: In addition to updating technical aspects of the program, we have also been working on the delivery side of things. Thanks to the feedback from many clinicians who have run the program, we now have a much better feel for session structure. We have reviewed which strategies need additional discussion time, the best activities to focus on, and information that requires more reflection to allow patients to apply these learnings to their everyday lives. As a result, we have improved our annotated slides to include more time for discussion, activities, and reflection. We have also indicated more instances where we consider content to be optional.  It is a fine balance trying to keep sessions informative, while also allowing more time for interaction. We know this balance is crucial and will keep aiming to make the program smoother and more streamlined for clinicians to run. 

  3. Aiding initial app uptake: We are also committed to adapting our app in response to feedback from patients. As such, we have made some significant improvements to the account creation and login process.  We have also created Explainer Videos and added an “orientation to the app” section to the slides and to the Participant Manual to assist navigation.  Consequently, we have seen a much smoother adoption of the program from patients in recent months, requiring less assistance from clinicians or from the MEMORehab team. We will continue to improve the general layout of the platform – with the goal of making it even easier for patients to navigate.

  4. Improving visual presentations:  Users informed us that the initial educational videos were “too distracting” for ABI patients, with moving silhouettes and relatively loud music.  The initial versions of the slides also had a few typos and lacked complete annotation in the notes. In response to these concerns, both the videos and the slides have been redone.  Engagement data now indicates that the videos are engaging without being overwhelming and clinicians are more fully guided in how to use the slides during the group sessions.  

We look forward to hearing back from you so we can continue to update the platform in productive and meaningful ways. So, of you have any feedback you would like to share, feel free to reach out, we would love to hear it.


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