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Unveiling the Journey of our CTO: From Master's Degree to Memory Rehabilitation Innovation

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

In a recent feature by the University of Technology Sydney, our CTO Pranshu offered an inside look at his remarkable journey in the tech industry. Graduating with a Masters of Interaction Design, Pranshu honed his skills and directed his knowledge towards the creation of a transformative solution - the MEMORehab platform. In the article, he delves into his pivotal role in the platform's initial design and development. Pranshu's contribution helped MEMORehab become a new tool for memory rehabilitation. His experience at UTS enabled him to make a substantial impact in the field, turning a theoretical framework into a practical tool that has the potential to aid countless individuals in their journey towards better memory health. This article is a testament to the power of dedicated learning and the influence of innovative design in real-world applications.


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