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Memory rehabilitation through memory habits

MEMORehab is a web-based platform that stems from the well-researched ‘Making the Most of your Memory program' (Radford et al., 2010). Designed to make the intervention process more organised and easier to run, MEMORehab includes tools and resources for both allied health professionals and patients to provide an online training experience.

MEMORehab’s structure

A 6-week core program with three months access for patients

Video Conferencing

Six guided sessions (approx. 60 min each) between clinicians and patients. With co-facilitation capabilities built in.

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Resources for patients

Each week patients can access educational videos, quizzes, and homework tasks to reinforce their knowledge.

Computerised Exercises

Novel computer-based exercises to help patients practice memory strategies learned during the program.

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Feedback and reminders


Patients receive feedback and are sent reminders to boost participation, while clinicians get detailed engagement metrics.

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What clinicians say about MEMORehab...

It is full of useful resources

All the tools needed to run the program are included. Patients also have access to resources to help them learn about their condition and reinforce the skills they learn during the program.


It's streamlined and easy to run

Save time on program delivery and experience a more streamlined approach to intervention. Telehealth sessions are automatically setup and reminders are sent out to patients each week.


It helps you stay organised

Easily create and manage groups, with all your patients on the same platform. You can also stay on top of patient engagement and track their progress each week.


See how it works!

If you would like to learn more about MEMORehab and how it might work in your clinical setting, reach out.

Hear from our users!
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This course is an excellent tool for clinicians wanting to include neuropsychological intervention in their participant care plan. It covers a variety of topics, including compensatory memory strategies, exercise, and sleep, and is founded on evidence-based principles. I thoroughly enjoyed administering this course to participants recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.

David  Foxe

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Brain and Mind Centre, Sydney.

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MEMORehab is based on a well-established face to face memory training program with over 10 years of academic research supporting its efficacy.
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