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Announcing MEMOResearch!

Imagine a program that acts as your research assistant…

  • Testing participants

  • Collecting data

  • Providing memory training

  • Sending notifications as necessary

  • Providing you with the results

Welcome to MEMOResearch!

MEMOResearch is our new web-based platform that provides an engaging and efficient means of collecting data on memory as well the impact of memory rehabilitation. Once a researcher identifies and obtains ethical consent from potential subjects, MEMOResearch conducts the study and provides the data to the researcher at the end.

That’s right… MEMOResearch can be used to collect subjective data on mood and memory self-perception and also to run three types of objective memory tests: memory for faces and names; memory for routes and landmarks, memory for an auditory passage. Data can be collected at two different times on matched, alternative versions of the stimuli and used to examine the effects of (for example) focal brain lesions, gender or age.

The repeated testing can also be used before and after the administration of a memory intervention (e.g., computerised strategy training exercises, which the app can provide, or an intervention of your own) to study outcome.

We’ve partnered with several clinicians already who have been successful in writing small hospital-based grants to cover the subscription fee for this program. You can read about one of these here. We would be happy to help you get a research project up and running.

If you’d like a demo or to hear more about this amazing new tool, contact


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