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Kickstarting a new Online Research Tool

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Congratulations to Evelyn Harvey, Clinical Neuropsychologist at Westmead Hospital! Evelyn has been granted a Kickstarter grant for nearly $10,000 to explore how to Make Everyday Memory Optimal for Neurological Outpatients. She’ll be one of the first to use MEMOResearch, a new platform that is currently under development.

“Since COVID-19, innovative telehealth interventions have helped reduce barriers to care and have proven effective for delivering both individual and group treatments when face-to-face clinical care is not safe or available. In this study, we will evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of rehabilitation exercises in a novel online memory application.”

MEMOResearch will be an innovative platform for conducting memory research…both a data collection tool and intervention provider. Once a researcher has recruited a subject and obtained consent, the MEMOResearch program will contact them and guide them through the various steps.

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